Flights - 7 tips to get there on time

Flying can be a pleasure, or a nightmare, it depends a lot on how you organize your things and how well you know what to do. In fact, things are not complicated at all, you just have to think ahead and follow each step step by step. We tell you in this article what you should do to get on the plane on time.

Buy your ticket as soon as possible

You don't have to wait too long, for at least two important reasons. The first is that if you buy the ticket at the last minute you will not have the opportunity to choose your place. Second, you will pay more. The sooner you buy the ticket, the less you pay, and the money you have left you can spend for other purposes. It is not at all complicated to buy a ticket. All you have to do is enter the website of the company you will fly with, select the ticket you want, fill in the forms, pay, and the electronic ticket is yours! Be careful where you put it, so you don't look all over the house when you have to go to the airport.

Order the car that will take you to the airport in advance

Keep in mind that you may need to leave very early in the morning, or very late at night, think that there may be traffic jams, bad weather, or other unwanted events. Don't leave home at the last minute, it's better to get to the airport faster than to be too late. It would be best to rent a car. There are services through which you can even rent a car with a driver. If you rent a car, do not forget that it may be necessary to pay a guarantee, which will be refunded in full if the car is returned undamaged at the place, date and time set out in the contract.

Pack your bags on time

In the end, it doesn't even make sense to pack for the last hundred meters, so that you risk forgetting something at home. It is best to start packing in advance. You can make lists of what you want to take with you and remember that you are allowed with only one hand luggage on the plane, luggage that will be thoroughly checked. It is good to know what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to put in it.

Dress lightly for the trip

You don't want to waste time at the airport, that's normal. You want to go through all the gates you have to go through. That is why, avoid sophisticated clothes, with metals, buckles, complicated jewelry, metallic applications. Dress lightly.

You must arrive 2 hours before the departure of the plane

In some states it is recommended to arrive at the airport 3 hours earlier, due to the security measures taken. You must inform yourself in advance. Some may find it an exaggeration, especially if they have checked in online, but this is an important provision. It is better to get there earlier than to run through the airport desperately and with your luggage behind you, hoping that the gates will not close in your nose.

Prepare documents in advance for the passport control office

Don't forget that you have to go through the body control as well as the metal detector, and then you have to present the travel documents to the border police (passport control office). It is a passport (possibly with a visa for the country of destination) or an identity card (if you are leaving for a country in the European Union).

Boarding / relaxing area

After passing all the gates, you arrived at the boarding area, where you will leave. The boarding port number is written on the boarding pass. However, you can also find your way around the monitors on which all the departures are listed, or on the corresponding boarding gate for each one. The number of gates must be visible and indicated by markings, so that travelers have no way to get lost. If you can't handle it, ask the boarding agent. It is recommended to get to the boarding area and wait there. If you get there faster, you can go to the cafes or duty-free shops in this area.

Do not forget!

Before boarding, your boarding pass and passport will be checked again, after which you will be invited to the plane.

If you are flying for the first time and you do not know very well how to navigate the airport, do not prepare to ask the boarding agents.