For each car for rent from OLIMPO it is necessary to pay a guarantee from 200 to 600 EUR (depending on the type of car rented), the amount that will be refunded in full if the customer returns the damaged car at the place, date and time set in contract.

The car benefits from RCA and rovinieta (toll) valid on the Romanian territory.  No indemnities are granted, and the insurances cease to have effect in the following cases:
  • damage to the lower part of the vehicle (chassis, engine block, oil bath, gearbox) due to a deliberate or negligent action
  • damage to tires and / or rims, any damage caused by driving on roads other than public roads
  • damage caused by deliberate accidents and those caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances that decrease the ability to drive
  • damages caused as a result of accidents due to the use of the vehicle in competitions and rallies
  • if at the time of the damage, the car was driven by another person, apart from those registered in the rental contract
Failure to meet the above conditions will result in full payment of damages to the customer.
  • EDI is the supplementary insurance to help you get rid of the liability of the warranty in case of accident
  • This type of insurance can be chosen optionally, instead of the guarantee, by the client. Unforeseen events may occur during your trip, such as: accidents due to carelessness or even the fault of other drivers.
  • To have a driving license with a seniority of at least 1 year valid on the Romanian territory.
  • The minimum age of the person who will drive the car is 22 years.
  • Do not use the car for purposes such as: passenger or freight transport, towing other cars, races or rallies, subletting.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that reduce the ability to drive.
  • To notify the agency in case the car has problems, these must be solved only by the authorized service.

In case of accident or theft, the client has the obligation:

  • to inform the agency as soon as possible
  • not to leave the place of the accident