Airport transfer versus rent a car

Once you reach your destination, you have two options:

Airport transfer

The transfer from the airport may not be the most convenient, especially due to luggage. In addition, it is possible to waste some time at the airport trying to find out where to get the means of transport, how to pay, if you know where to get off. Even in these conditions, the transfer from the airport has several advantages that you must take into account:

  • There is a fixed cost for transport, there is no additional cost for the number of luggage, and this is very good because there is usually a lot of luggage.
  • You have comfort, you have a safe place and until you have to get off you have time to come back after the plane trip and to admire the city you are crossing.
  • You travel safely, both you and your luggage.
  • You get to your destination quickly, there is often a well-developed flight schedule, just to facilitate the transfer of passengers in good condition from the airport to the city.

Renting a car

On the other hand, of course, renting a car comes with other advantages, but also disadvantages:

  • flexibility: this means that you can get where you want, when you want, you no longer depend on races, predetermined routes, schedules. You can stay as long as you want if you decide to interrupt the race, you can get to the hotel or anywhere else when you want.
  • you can be your own driver, or you can rent a car with a driver.

Disadvantages of renting a car include:

  • Unforeseen costs may arise, related to gasoline, parking tickets. You are no longer in the situation of the airport transfer service, when such additional costs simply did not exist.
  • After a longer or shorter journey by plane, driving is not the most pleasant thing in the world, especially if the airport is far from the city. It's very true, you can rent a car with a driver and then you get rid of the effort of driving. In this way, the car with driver arrives either at home or at the airport, and you have nothing else to do but relax, because you arrive at your destination in the best conditions. You can use the driver's version when you do not have a valid driving license, or when you simply do not want to have any trouble.
  • During the period when you use the rented car, unforeseen problems and malfunctions may occur. Normally, the rental agency should give you all the support, including information about the person you need to call or what to do under these conditions. If the car cannot be repaired, or the repairs take too long, the company should prepare another car for you, at no extra charge.
  • it is good to remember that you can also rent cars with 7-9 seats, you just have to mention this from the beginning. There are many brands and models available to you.